GS1 Digital Link: Your new competitive edge

Turn your physical products into a unique communication channel and connect your company with every single consumer and user at every step in the product lifecycle.

Start your journey with a customized
Digital Link Value Discovery

The Digital Link Value Discovery developed by GoodsTag together with GS1 Germany supports you in unlocking new Digital Link opportunities for your business.

Within a few days Digital Link Value Discovery helps you to assess the benefits Digital Link can provide to your business, identify organization readiness and create a roadmap to achieve sustainable competitive advantages.

Check your Digital Link readiness

What’s in it for you?

Discover Opportunities

Discover the new GS1 standard’s transformation and innovation opportunities for your B2B and D2C relationships

Identify Prerequisites

Identify your organisation’s prerequisites and showstoppers for the implementation of Digital Link

Assess value

Assess which Digital Link use cases can bring the most value to your business

Increase acceptance

Ensure high user acceptance and adoption