About Us

GoodsTag enables brands and manufacturers to guarantee authentic products, create unique digital product experiences and personalise the product-customer relationship.

At GoodsTag, we believe that physical products gain value when they become truly unique items and are connected with personalised digital services. With our solution, brands serialise their products, making each item unique and digitally connected. Consumers, retailers and logistics partners are then empowered to interact with these unique physical items through any smartphone or IoT device, accessing a limitless pool of personalised digital mobile services.

GoodsTag’s Enterprise SaaS platform is used by brands to manage authenticity, digital services and engagement along the entire life cycle of their products.


GoodsTag GmbH was founded in Berlin in 2016 by internet and software entrepreneurs Oliver Schwarz, Thomas Kühne and Andreas Dobrawa.

The origin of the platform was as a pure IoT device management solution. The founders soon realised and focused on the vast opportunity that came with the ubiquity of NFC-capable smartphones and the maturing IoT market for consumer goods.

Today, GoodsTag serves global brands to connect, track and manage millions of products down to the exact time, place, and event anywhere in the world.


We believe that a new era of decentralized digital commerce is emerging and it will change the way we interact with our environment forever.

As this major digital transformation approaches, brands have to be ready to participate in a world of smart products and emerging intelligent relationships — the next phase of IoT. Through IoT technologies GoodsTag pioneers a major change in the customer-brand relationship and will therefore change the future of retail as we know it.

Paradigm shifts such as zero-touch fulfilment, true brand protection and even self-checkout are all within reach with our platform and approach. GoodsTag will become a leading operating system in the world of unique smart products.

Management Team

Portrait Oliver Schwarz

Oliver Schwarz

CEO, Co-Founder

With over 25 years in the digital industry, serial entrepreneur Oliver is responsible for corporate development, product vision, marketing and strategic partnerships.

Portrait Thomas Kühne

Thomas Kühne

CTO, Co-Founder

Thomas has led the development of high-security software and IT environments for 20 years. At GoodsTag, Thomas is responsible for all core aspects of the GoodsTag Cloud platform, IT architecture and R&D road map.

Portrait Robert Schneider

Robert Schneider


After internationalising and operating businesses within the marketing technology space since 2005, at GoodsTag Robert is responsible for clients, business development and go-to-market strategies.

Portrait Mitun Pandey

Mitun Pandey


Mitun brings with him 13 years of international experience in developing SaaS products and digital marketing solutions. At GoodsTag, Mitun runs market-driven product development ensuring product-to-market fit.

Portrait Matthias Woppmann

Matthias Woppmann


Matthias is a serial entrepreneur with extensive strategic and operational experience gained over 25 years in the information and communication technology (ICT) business. At GoodsTag he is responsible for Finance and Legal.