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Digitize your physical goods today and build your own IoT ecosystem with GoodsTag’s enterprise SaaS.

What you can do with Goodstag.

Serialize your products on an item basis

Set up smart global brand protection

Build & connect smart services for B2B and B2C

Use & share smart product analytics

Partner-Kunden_Goodstag The Smart Product Services Platform

Smart Product Services Platform

Digitize your entire product life cycle with our scalable Smart Product Services Platform (SPSP). Our cloud-based, enterprise SaaS solution offers brands and OEMs a comprehensive suite of tools to set up and manage products digitally and to empower their partners and customers every step of the way.

Simple Integration.

Connect to any 3rd party system with our GoodsTag API and run your smart products. Please contact us for more details.

How Victorinox implemented Brand Protection with GoodsTag.

Tradition and innovation, functionality and a sense of adventure – these are the four compass points of the well-established brand identity of Victorinox, 
creators of the legendary Swiss Army Knife.

Benefits of using GoodsTag.

Digitize your entire 
Product Life Cycle

Give your products a digital finger- print. A unique digital ID gives you new ways to turn on your products with context- driven services, new opportunities for management and tracking, and a new level of brand security. GoodsTag has you covered all the way, from source- tagging and label printing to personalized customer activation.

Empower your 

The GoodsTag platform provides easy- to-use real-time management and analysis tools for each step of the turned-on product journey – from production to warehouse, from store to home.

Track the product lifecyle right down to the individual item, and discover unconditional, end-to-end control.

Connect with your 

Every smart product becomes its own real time media channel.

Develop deeper customer / brand relationships through meaningful and individualized product interactions – GoodsTag helps you deliver exactly the right experience at exactly the right moment.

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