Turn your physical products & packaging
into unique communication channels
with the GoodsTag Smart Products Platform

Smart Products

Our Smart Products Platform as a Service, enabling manufacturers and retailers to provide context-specific digital services (B2B & B2C) and dynamic content on physical products.

The platform facilitates the sustainable implementation of digital product passports and circularity ecosystems with unique IDs, including GS1 Digital Link.

Core Features


Serialize physical products at batch or item level with QR, Data Matrix, NFC or RFID


Connect physical products with their Digital Twin & Digital Passport


Feed & synchronize data with any 3rd party solutions and devices


Create use-case specific automation rules and trigger events automatically


Deliver context-specific content & product services for B2B & B2C

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Discover and share data-driven, actionable insights & analytics

API-first architecture

Empower your existing ecosystem & connect third party systems easily using our API REST gateway.

Learn about our API-first architecture

We make the integration as simple as possible with our GoodsTag API.
Please contact us for more details.

Digitize your entire Product Life Cycle

Give your products a digital fingerprint. A unique digital ID gives you new ways to turn on your products with contextualized services, new opportunities for management and tracking, and a new level of brand security. GoodsTag has you covered all the way, from source-tagging and label printing to personalized customer activation.

Product Relationship Management

The GoodsTag platform offers intuitive, real-time management and analysis tools for every stage of the ‘turned-on’ product journey – from production to warehouse, and from store to home.

Track the product lifecycle down to the individual item and experience unparalleled, end-to-end control.

Connect with your Customers

Every smart product transforms into its own real-time media channel.

Create deeper relationships between customers and brands through meaningful and personalized product interactions. With GoodsTag ensure the delivery of the perfect experience precisely the right moment.

Get the power of the new standard: GS1 Digital Link!

As a first mover, GoodsTag has fully implemented the new GS1 Digital Link standard with the Digital Link Resolver into the capabilities of the Smart Products Platform.

Give your products an internet accessible identity with the new GS1 Digital Link – available for various GS identities for all levels (sku, batch or single item).

Combine Digital Link with the Smart Products Platform and deliver valuable content and contextualized services to your users and consumers all along your product lifecycle – B2B and B2C!

Use your own custom redirect domain to ensure brand consistency.

Smart Products Platform-as-a-Service and GoodsTag Services

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