Compliance & Regulatory

Digital Product Passport with GS1 Digital Link provides country-specific recycling information


Implementation of GS1 Digital Link GTIN Level on a wide range of products to provide & meet country-specific regulatory requirements for recyclability information on packaging to consumers.


Implementation of GS1 Digital Link in a wide range of products, adoption of existing product IDs/QR codes, customised redirection logic based on country specific information availability. Ensure scalability to extend the solution to additional product groups and countries, as well as more granular levels of information and additional product related services.


  • Identity management (GS1 Digital Link GTIN)
  • Managing of redirects based on country
  • Redirect logic depending on rules which information are availble for the specific product
  • Compliant QR codes to ensure best print results
  • Adoption of already existing product IDs/QR codes
  • Import and update of exisiting product data via CSV

ID Level

  • Product-Level (GS1 Digital Link GTIN)

Core Modules used

  • Digital Link Management/ Digital Link Resolver
  • Context Engine
  • Script Engine
  • Analytics
  • Import Function

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