GS1 Digital Link Resolver

Germany-wide Digital Link Resolver as entry-level for small and medium businesses


Implementation of GS1 Digital Link GTIN Level on a wide range of products to prepare for Sunrise2027, as well as language-specific redirects to improve consumer engagement.


Full implementation of the GS1 Digital Link standard in the GoodsTag Smarts product platform, SSO integration with Microsoft Dynamics and handling of multiple sub-tenants using existing GCPs (Global Company Prefix).


Digital Link Basic Resolver Service provides an easy entry point into the world of smart products with the GS1 standard Digital Link, allowing manufacturers to quickly experiment with its various possibilities.
Based on GoodsTags Smart Products Platform the resolver service allows to manage context-specific redirects in different languages and contexts (time, link type, content type) using a standardised web address in GS1 Digital Link format.

  • GS1 Digital Link Identity management
  • Managing of various GS1 Digital Link idents (GTIN, LGTIN, SGTIN, GRAI, GLN, GIAI, SSCC)
  • Validation of GCP (Global Company Prefix) and GTINs
  • Managing of redirects for various languages
  • Managing of redirects for various digital link types
  • Download compliant QR codes to ensure best print results
  • Dashboard for relevant business & interaction KPIs
  • Import or export of exisiting product data via CSV
  • SSO with Microsoft Dynamics

ID Level

  • Product-Level (Digital Link GTIN)
  • Batch-Level (Digital Link LGTIN)
  • Item-Level (Digital Link SGTIN)

Core Modules used

  • Digital Link Management/ Digital Link Resolver
  • Sub-Tenant-Management
  • Analytics
  • Import & Export Function

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