RFID-Based Grey Market Prevention

E2E solution to enable the brand to check resellers and business partners


Grey Market Prevention and getting more transparency in own supply chain and sales channels.


  • Grey market issues and non-transparent distribution channels
  • RFID chips at different levels (pallet, carton, item)
  • Easy verification for inspectors
  • Ability to integrate with multiple customers and suppliers (software/ hardware)


  • Serialized identity management (SSCC, SGTIN, GRAI, GIAI)
  • Parent-Child item relationship management
  • Encoding of RFID labels
  • Aggregation of IDs (Label to box to pallet)

ID Level

  • Item-Level/ Serialization

Core Modules used

  • Serialization/ Digital Twin Management with custom attributes
  • Encoding Management
  • Product Catalog
  • Device Management
  • Location Management
  • Script Engine
  • Business Web App

References / Partners

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