Circular Packaging

Serialized Items enable circular
Packaging-as-a-Service model to drive sustainability


Unlock packaging-as-a-service business model by digitizing circular reusable food packaging processes
to support companies comply with reusable packaging regulation.


Smart reusable packaging solution for reusable containers to track throughout the lifecycle on single item level.
Handling of multiple brands, muötiple locations and multiple products during packaging-product journey.
Compliant with GS1 Digital Link GRAI standard while supporting both QR and DataMatrix codes.
Capacity to integrate in multiple customers and suppliers environment software/ hardware) to ensure scalability and to add more and more tracking points (locations/ various devices).
Deliver context specific B2C & B2B information along the packaging journey to deliver specific information for consumers and all stakeholder in the value chain.


  • Serialized identity management (GS1 DL GRAI)
  • Parent-Child item relationship management
  • Track- & Trace along the product lifecycle (status, location, amount of circles)
  • Dashboard for relevant business & Sustainability KPIs
  • API integration and Device Management

ID Level

  • Item-Level/ Serialization (GS1 Ident Digital Link GRAI)

Core Modules used

  • Serialization Engine & Digital-Twin-Management
  • Digital Link Resolver & Context Engine
  • Location-Management & Device-Management
  • Analytics

References / Partners

Case Study

Coming soon, see also Circolution