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Provide contextual use cases at the right moment to the right person at every step of the product journey.


The GoodsTag Platform Manager is the centralized, cloud-based control center for your digital product lifecycle. Encode and print any kind of smart labels on your products and packaging. Control and manage your tagged products worldwide with unique IDs. Define and manage roles and permissions for your entire whole IoT ecosystem, and configure data access and analytics. Manage all your RFID devices across production, logistics, or sales locations. Deploy contextualized customer experiences, both pre- and post-sale, and receive real time insights on product activity from the macro to micro level.

Orchestrate and analyze your IoT ecosystem in all aspects of your product life cycles:

  • ID encoding- and label print management (RFID-UHF, RFID-NFC, QR-Code etc.)
  • Device management
  • Product event and location management
  • Smart services and platform management
  • KPI management on product activity across the entire platform
  • Extensive integration of third party systems and best in class partners via APIs


Connect, activate & manage any TAG

Manage secure printing and encoding processes of any TAG-type like QR, Data Matrix, NFC or RFID on global level. GoodsTag supports all serialization standards (e.g. GS1) and connects any individual product ID to unique digital twins.


The Serialization module is one the main modules of the platform. It allows you to implement and manage the global imprint and encoding process on a highly secure and distributed level. GoodsTag supports all serialization standards and connects any individual product ID, regardless of the technology (RFID, NFC, etc.), to a unique web address — our digital reference ID (DRI).

Our Service: the unique ID is printed and / or encoded on the label or package of each product during the production process. We can conform to GS1 or similar standards and you an use optical and/or electronic labels (QR, Hologram, NFC, RFID, etc.) for your smart products. We refer to these labels as smart product tags. To create these, we are able to work with your existing manufacturers, whose systems and printers connect easily to our SPSP; or you can opt to print your labels through us and our world-class partner network.

The GoodsTag platform allows the serialization of any number of unique identities, regardless of which type of smart labels you use. Our platform also has the ability to import identities from third-party systems via the API.

Encode, imprint, or import unique ID’s and create smart product tags globally with GoodsTag’s SPSP:

  • Choose optical and/or electronic labels for your smart products (QR, Print, Hologram, NFC, RFID, etc.) that conform to GS1 standards or similar
  • Import unique ID’s per order (e.g. from ERP systems)
  • Produce serialized labels via external devices (e.g. UHF/NFC printer, RFID encoder or digital printing systems)
  • Generate identities via scripts (e.g. EPC serialization)
  • Integrate GoodsTag’s SPSP with your existing manufacturer processes
  • Benefit from GoodsTag’s on demand encoding and imprinting solution through its world-class partner network


Pre & After Sales Consumer Engagement

Create authentic brand experiences and engage customers in store & after sales. Integrate our state-of-the-art brand protection solution and provide trustful personalized services.


Connect to customers directly via their smartphone, and enable completely new ways to delight, inform, and reassure. Provide failsafe brand authentication for your products — worldwide, and in real time. Support purchase decisions at point-of-sale with contextualized supplementary product information, personalized discounts, prizes, and recommendations. Enable instant product registration, warranty, insurance and membership programs. Simplify refills, repairs, and recycling. And discover new possibilities for upselling and marketing.

The GoodsTag Consumer App is available as a browser-based or native app, stand-alone or integrated into your existing brand app architecture.

Consumer App smart product services include:

  • Global product authentication
  • Interactive information about components, ingredients, sources, and usage
  • Product registration for warranty, insurance, and customer services
  • Product-based access to incentives, programs, and events
  • Recommendations and sharing
  • Reordering, refilling, repairing, and recycling


Analyse & Optimise
  • Benefit from entirely new product-related data points around each product item
  • Understand and optimize your product journeys and life cycles end-to-end
  • Understand target and gray market behavior
  • Analyse mobile conversion, engagement, and retention rates

Plans, Features & Options

Scaling Made Simple: Begin Easily, Grow Flexibly.


from 299€ / month
ID contingent

incl. 5.000 ID’s

Trigger technologies

QR Code & Datamatrix

  • Features & Options
  • ID-/ Digital Twin Management

    Management of Digital Twins and any IDs (fully compliant with GS1 Standards incl. Digital Link) on SKU, Batch, Item-Level as well as ID aggregation & complex Parent-Child relations

  • Product Catalog Management

    Create, manage and import product data with any product ID, product information, product pictures & custom attributes

  • Serialization Engine

    Creation & management of multi IDs (GS1 identities, Digital Link, custom IDs)

  • Digital Link Resolver

    Create standards-compliant Digital Link QR codes and manage their dynamic links and link types.

  • Context-based User Experiences

    With GoodsTags powerful context & rule engine it’s possible to create & manage dynamic content in dependence of various contexts such as time, location, language, OS system, status & much more to deliver specific experiences along the entire product journey – B2B & B2C.

  • Auto-generated Landing Pages

    Default Auto-generated Landing Pages give the opportunity to deploy product and tag related data incl. item journey on landing pages automatically without the need of any secondary website

  • Analytics & Dashboards

    The Analytics module makes it possible to correlate, analyze, compare or display data graphically in real time or over a specific period of time. Data can be visualized using a variety of charts in the fully customizable Dashboard module

  • Custom Attributes

    Allows to create and manage custom attributes for tags, products, devices & locations

  • Import Feature

    For all tag or product related data it’s possible to create or update data/IDs via an import function using CSV or TXT files. Bulk updates are also possible.

  • Export Feature

    For all tag or product related data it’s possible to export the data as CSV, XML or JSON files.

  • User & Role Management

    Fine granular management of user access rights via roles, groups & more


price on request
ID contingent

custom amount

Trigger technologies

QR Code, Datamatrix

  • Features & Options
  • incl. all Features from Starter
  • Location Management (Track&Trace)

    Creation and management of locations, use custom attributes and hierarchy relations between locations

  • API access

    Access to REST-API and API-documentation to automatically create, update or enrich data in the Smart Products Platform or deliver & push data from it to any other 3rd party systems

  • Script Engine

    With the platform’s Script Engine workflows or alerts can be designed to respond immediately to changes in attributes, status, location, ownership, or environmental variations. Scripts can be used to trigger and interact with other cloud platforms, smart products, or applications.

  • White Label Redirect Domain

    White label for redirect domain, visible in the URL when someone scans a QR code

  • Custom Dashboards

    Data and various KPIs can be visualized in customizable Dashboards

  • Custom Landing Pages

    Customized templates can be made to create specific landing pages with dynamic content fed by the platform

  • Business Apps

    Support, integration or building of dedicated business apps for specific use cases

  • Custom Web Apps

    Support, integration, hosting or building of dedicated web applications for specific use cases based on the backend microservices architecture


price on request
ID contingent

custom amount

Trigger technologies

QR Code, Datamatrix, NFC, RFID

  • Features & Options
  • incl. all Features from Starter & Pro
  • Multi-Tenant Management (Sub-Tenants)

    Manage granular sub-tenant access rights for multi-site, multi-brands and other complex business relations using Access Control Units (ACUs)

  • White Label Management Domain

    White Labelling for the management domain of the smart products platform

  • Encoding Management

    The Imprint & Encoding module allows processing and monitoring of production orders for product serialization for printing and/or encoding of smart labels (RFID & NFC) remotely in real time across multiple devices in different locations. Globally distributed production or logistics locations can be synchronized, controlled and documented securely in real time.

  • Device Management

    Allows to control, manage and monitor devices in realt-time in production environments which are relevant to deliver or change tag & product data.

  • Stock & Inventory Management

    With the Inventory module, you can map complex flows of goods and connect them with processual information of real products in real time for process types like Inbound, Outbound, Inventory & Replenishment.

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)

    Customized Single Sign-On (SSO) using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) standard

  • Dedicated Account Manager

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