GS1 Germany and GoodsTag partner to drive forward the new “GS1 Digital Link”

Pressemitteilung GS1 (Deutsch) [PDF]

Cologne, 04 November 2021

The future of the GTIN-based digital twin for all consumer goods has been initiated: GS1 Germany and GoodsTag together will offer a GS1 Germany Resolver service in order to set a new standard for product transparency, interaction data and services through the supply chain networks of industry and commerce – all the way through to the end consumer. This new service will be available in the second quarter of 2022.

This new GS1 Germany Resolver Service uses the GS1 Digital Link standard to connect physical products with a unique web accessible Digital Link identity, enabling central control of product communication throughout the entire product lifecycle. In both the B2B and B2C sectors, completely new cross-industry solutions will now be possible in order to implement efficient processes and customer-oriented services. GS1 Germany has decided on the Berlin-based smart product cloud provider GoodsTag as the technological solution provider for the Digital Link Resolver Service.

GoodsTag and GS1 Germany: easy entry into the world of smart products 

The GS1 Digital Link is the standardised solution developed by GS1 for digital product identification. It combines existing standards (such as GTIN) into a standard URL format which can then be encoded as a QR code, NFC or RFID chip as a unique web accessible product identifier. With this GS1 Digital Link promotes sustainable innovations along the entire life cycle of products: from supply chain to point of sale and customer care to recycling. Every product will be able to generate, deliver and respond to unique data using the GS1 Digital Link. Sustainability will be verifiable with measurable data, and the link to consumers will be triggered directly at the product – on the basis of a single, multifunctional and standardised code.

Opportunity and boost for own developments of digital, innovative product services 

“We are delighted to have gained an experienced smart product cloud provider in GoodsTag,” comments Oliver Püthe, Lead Industry Engagement at GS1 Germany. “Our goal is to provide all companies in Germany with the GS1 Germany Resolver Service in the first quarter of 2022, a basic service for easy entry into the world of smart products. We want to open up the opportunity for manufacturers to gain their own experience with digital services and innovative product strategies as quickly as possible to push forward corresponding developments.”

“The new GS1 Digital Link Standard is a key driver in bringing more transparency, traceability and purpose to every product lifecycle,” said Oliver Schwarz, CEO GoodsTag. “We are proud to contribute with our technology and consulting expertise to a sustainable economy where in the near future all stakeholders throughout the entire supply networks will collaborate via Digital Link in a trustworthy, efficient and purposeful way.”

GoodsTag – Things that count

GoodsTag’s Smart Products Platform enables brand manufacturers and retailers to deliver and data-driven optimisation of product services throughout the entire lifecycle of goods. With GoodsTag, every physical product becomes an individual communication and service channel between customer, brand and retailer. GoodsTag helps companies develop solutions to enrich products with digital added value for their different user groups all over the world. The goal of the Berlin-based company is to develop the potential of a sustainable product cycle in networked value chains together with customers and partners.

 GS1 Germany – It all started with a simple beep.

In 1974, a barcode was scanned in a supermarket for the first time. This was the beginning of automated checkout – and the start of the GS1 success story. The machine-readable GS1 barcode with the GTIN included is now the universal standard in the global exchange of goods and is scanned six billion times a day on products. GS1 standards are the global language for efficient and secure business processes, valid across company boundaries and continents. As part of a worldwide network, we work with our customers and partners to develop market-driven and future-oriented solutions that directly contribute to their business success. Today, two million companies from over 20 industries worldwide use this language to uniquely identify products, locations and assets, to capture relevant data and to share it with business partners in the value creation networks. GS1 – The Global Language of Business.

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The GS1 Digital Link combines the previously different coding standards on the product into a web accessible link that can be read and used equally by all IT systems and digital devices.

For consumers, sustainability becomes transparent and verifiable with measurable data, trust is increased, and consumer loyalty is triggered directly at the product. The GS1 Digital Link as a sustainable innovation across the entire life cycle of products: from supply chain, point of sale and customer care to recycling.

Press release GS1 Digital Link [PDF]

Whitepaper GS1 Digital Link [PDF]

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