Marc Aurel becomes more digital using GoodsTag technology

The fashion brand Marc Aurel has decided to become more digital and change the way they manage, present and sell their products in all of their retail stores. Marc Aurel equipped all of its products to make life easier for their employees and customers. All of Marc Aurel’s smart products and in-store devices are running on GoodsTag’s SPSP. The smart product labels are made available by GoodsTag’s label partner, Rako Security Label.

Incoming goods and inventory are now managed at a much faster rate and with less errors due to unique RFID recognition. Each of Marc Aurel’s products has a digital tag that allows the manager to change/adjust individual prices or discounts at any time through GoodsTag’s platform, which is connected with the store’s POS (Futura). This also allows customers to pay and check out faster and more easily, as well as check item-availability immediately. All other in-store devices are connected with GoodsTag’s platform to manage and prevent theft and pinpoint individual products anywhere in the store.
The new solution addresses consumers’ desire for more convenience while they are shopping and helps employees manage daily operations faster and more effectively. “We are really excited that Marc Aurel has implemented our solution in its flagship store because it really makes things easier for everybody and shows the direction retail is heading in the next couple of years,” says Oliver Schwarz, CEO of GoodsTag.

Smart4Fashion: Lucatron RFID Solutions im Marc Aurel Flagship Store | All4Labels (Deutsch)